“Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.” Buddha More about Gaia Vatra Gaia Vatra is the name I gave myself, so that I would be able to change lives, without having to be identified with that role. I am a Fire Performer, Software Developer, Dietitian and many more crazy things, that loves the art of teaching.  I believe in changing ones mind, since that is the only key to changing ones life, in a positive way.  All other ways fail to sustain themselves on the long run and society loves to make us believe differently.. I will not be on this beautiful planet for long - and neither will you... My wish is that each and every one of us will taste the joy of being ourselves, instead of becoming copies of society.  Expressing who we are in each moment of our existence.  Raw, natural, pure Truth. Fire dancing has opened that door for me.  It put my in touch with the part inside of me where I feel one with all around me.  One with the Divine.  One with existence.  Through my own imperfections, I want to share my joy of being human - being here.. I want you to find that same place and guide you to surrendering to the beautiful and divine being that you are, through fire dancing, or even only through being yourself 100%.  Let us all celebrate this miracle of a life together.. Made with Xara Web Designer