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“Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.” Buddha Lets celebrate this Beautiful Life while we can... Fire Dancing is one of those strange interests that can surprise you by reintroducing a part of yourself that might have gotten lost between running around and making a living. We have become so busy with our daily lives and have become so stuck in our routines, that we sometimes do not even know who WE are any more. Fire dancing is the perfect tool for discovering that part inside of us that is not slave to external circumstances. Once you get moving to the beat of the music, everything disappears and only the silence within you carries you through the movements. This is an incredible experience that silences the mind and awakens the part inside of you that remembers that we are Divine beings. Our lives are so short and precious - it is time to take back our experience of it and put society on the side-line so that WE can Shine - while we are here.. Gaia Vatra Made with Xara Web Designer